Readington Township Community Information

Readington offers four well known historic sites, plus a large recreational area to keep residents and visitors entertained. History enthusiasts will be interested in the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead, Eversole Hall House, Cold Brook School and Taylor’s Mill. All four sites are owned and managed by the Township.

The 68-acre Bouman-Stickney Farmstead was first owned by a Dutch peasant and then by a Broadway actress. The house on the property is made of stone that was retrieved from the nearby Cushetunk Mountain. After the original owner’s death, the property was purchased by playwright Howard Lindsay as a gift for his wife, actress Dorothy Stickney. The couple used the property as a vacation retreat. In 2000, the Township relocated and reconstructed a New World Dutch Barn to the Bouman-Stickney property.

The Eversole-Hall House is a restored 1750’s structure that has been converted into a museum. The house and outbuildings display family life on a farm during the 1830s. Outbuildings on site include a hand pump, outhouse and washhouse.

Cold Brook School House is a one-room school building that was originally built in 1828. The township began an extensive reconstruction process in 1993 and opened the site in 1997. Today, the Readington Museum’s fourth grade living history program is held at Cold Brook. The furniture inside the school has been arranged as it would have been in the 1830s, with slab benches and a woodstove.

Taylor’s Mill is Readington’s last pre-revolutionary mill. Originally constructed in 1760, the mill is thought to have provided grains to General Washington’s army. Taylor’s Mill is a registered historic place.

A range of recreational activities is available at Readington’s Round Valley Recreation Area. The site consists of a large, round lake and almost 5,300 acres of parklands. Popular activities include boating, sailing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, biking and horseback riding. Swimming is also allowed within the beach complex.

The Readington climate ranges from summer warmth to winter snow. Temperatures reach the mid-80s in the summer months and drop to the high teens in January and February. These months also bring an average of sixteen inches of snow. Average annual rainfall is about 50 inches, with rain falling on 10 days out of each month.

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